We reveal to you what laser eye surgery is really like

The three most important facts related to laser eye surgery are that the operation is completely painless, done in literally 10 minutes, and the crucial fact is that the laser cannot burn your eye or make you blind.

The patients who have undergone a laser eye surgery can confirm that not everything is as it may appear to be:

The operation went beautifully, fast, with very little discomfort that I cannot even call pain. You feel pain when you have a migraine or toothache, this is nothing compared to that. It is just a little discomfort, and it takes only a couple of minutes. Everyone has had a toothache or headache in their life, but laser eye surgery is nothing compared to that pain.” Ana B., Polyclinic Bilić Vision, Zagreb

In addition to being painless and short-lasting, permanent diopter removal greatly facilitates everyday situations for people who used to wear glasses and contact lenses.

Now I’m a lot more free in the evening, at concerts, I see the people who greet me. There are no more fogged-up glasses while I’m cooking... Now I can see perfectly, I do everything without any problems. The best thing is that I do not need glasses, I do not have to worry about forgetting them somewhere. Nothing is getting fogged up anymore. “Boris K., Polyclinic Bilić Vision, Zagreb

If you want to be more carefree, at least as far as the glasses is concerned, contact the Polyclinic Bilić Vision for a laser eye surgery check-up. 

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