Eyelid correction – blepharoplasty

Eyelid correction or blepharoplasty is a type of surgical procedure that effectively and aesthetically removes excess skin and fat tissue on the eyelids. Aging causes the loss of skin elasticity and the skin begins to fall over the edges of the eyelids.

The correction of the eyelids, i.e. the surgical procedure, is done under local anesthesia and is completely painless. During the procedure excess skin and fat tissue are removed. The wound is closed with stiches, which are removed after 7 days. Since the scar is in the skin fold of the eyelid, with time it disappears completely.

Dr. Sc. Bilic has performed blepharoplasty thousands of times in her long career as a surgeon, which is a confirmation of her high surgical expertise.


During the examination, besides determining that the patient has realistic expectations and is indeed a candidate for blepharoplasty, the excess of the skin to be removed is measured. Prior to the surgery itself, no special preparation is required because the procedure is done under local anesthesia, meaning that the patient does not sleep during surgery, but due to local anesthesia he or she does not feel any pain.

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Surgical Process

The operation is performed in the operating room under sterile conditions. The excess of skin and fat tissue is removed, and the incision is done by tracking the skin grooves, because in that way it heals more easily, and the scar almost completely disappears after a while. Anesthesia is local, and the operation is completely painless. After the surgery, an analgetic (ibuprufen, ketonal, etc.) may be taken.

It is advisable to do such procedure in an ophthalmologic facility due to possible permanent effects on the eye that occur in case of over-correction in the performance of a surgeon whose specialty is not closely related to the eyes. An ophthalmologist always takes care of the health and function of the eye itself, and with the operation itself delivers top aesthetic results for the patient.


The patient after the surgery goes home and needs to have someone accompany him or her. Only over one eye an eye patch is placed. The most important thing to do after the procedure is to keep the operated area cooled during the first few hours and days, to prevent and reduce the possible swelling of the eyelid. During the recovery period, while the patient has stitches, it is necessary to avoid making the incision wet - it is best to keep it dry. After removing the stiches (seven days after the operation), an antibiotic cream is applied to the infected area, and should be used for the next 10 days, followed by regular creams for better healing (Dermavisc, Contratubex and similar). It is possible to go back to work as soon as the seams are removed, and 2 weeks after the operation, the patient can again put on makeup.

Possible Complications

Complications in the hands of an expert surgeon are minimized. Removal of excess skin may result in shortening of the upper eyelid and incomplete eye closure, which may lead to keratopathy. Another possible complication is the possibility of damage to the muscles leading to lowering of the eyelid - ptosis. Both complications are consequences of the operator's incompetence, so it is important to place your fate in the hands of an ophthalmologist who knows the anatomy and the structure of the eye very well.

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  • Services included: surgery, removing stitches 7 days after surgery, follow-up examination one month after surgery.
  • Services not included: cold compresses (to be prepared at home), antibiotic ointment and creams to improve healing of the scar.

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