Ida Prester – new life without glasses

Ida Prester and dr. Luka Bilic

Ida Prester, energic, cheerful singer and TV host moved to Zagreb this year, delighted the audience with her hits Minuta, Dodir and Kvar, and made a big change: she got rid of contact lenses and glasses by laser eye surgery at Bilić Vision Polyclinic!

Ida told us she has been wearing glasses since she was a little girl and was often commented by her friends: ''I've been in school with those huge pink glasses since third grade and it's always been a drama and a trauma for me.''

Decision about the surgery that changes the view of the world

She has been thinking about laser eye surgery for a while, hesitated and read about the procedure. The more she informed herself, the more she realized that this is a routine operation, which lasts 15 minutes per eye, it is performed in drip anesthesia and after surgery she can go home immediately.

The expirence of her friends who also had their diopter removed by laser eye surgery at Bilić Vision Polyclinic was extremely positive and everyone was very satisfied with the whole process and the quality of life they have after the operation. Perfect eyesight and ease of performing her daily activities without glasses and contact lenses encouraged her to decide to do this. She had an examn with specialist ophthalmologist in Bilić Vision Polyclinic, doctor Luka Bilić, where Ida proved to be an excellent candidate for surgery.

The day of operation

Laser eye surgery is an elective procedure and primarily increases the quality of life. Excellent candidates are all people over the age of 18 who have had a stable diopter for at least a year. If a detailed ophthalmological examn for laser eye surgery determines that the person is a good candidate for surgery, there is actually no risk for the patient, the operation is completely safe and the patient can do it the next day.shared with us specialist ophthalmologist of the Polyclinic Bilić Vision, dr. Luka Bilić, who is also a surgeon who performs the surgeries. Ida Prester underwent the Lasik Contoura Vision method, which is currently considered the most accurate Lasik method in the world for removing diopters from the eyes. It records the cornea at 22,000 points, so according to such a map of the cornea, which is entered into a laser computer, an individualized laser beam is guided for the most precise diopter removal possible.

On the day of the operation, Ida Prester was in the safe hands of the team in the operation hall headed by dr. Luka Bilić. After the successful operation, Ida protected her eyes with sunglasses, followed the instructions and soon achieved excellent visual acuity.

For Ida, laser eye surgery was the first eye surgery and in addition to being encouraged by her friends who were already patients at the Bilić Vision Polyclinic, she was additionally trusted by the fact that the Bilić Vision Polyclinic has existed for more than 25 years and has state-of-the-art laser technology. diopter removal, and more than 12,000 patients in the last 10 years have decided to get rid of glasses and contact lenses forever.

Ida about life without glasses

"I can finally drive without glasses. Now it’s completely weird to me, I constantly have the feeling that I normally keep them next to me in the car that I should put them on now, I reach out to put them on and then I realize I don’t need them anymore. After the surgery I comfortably put on my sunglasses and I saw everything. It used to be my main problem, driving and putting on glasses and then sunglasses on them,", Ida Prester shared with us and added: "I wish I had this operation before, I would save myself a lot of trouble in life: without squinting, squeezing my eyes, and ignoring people I don’t see. I would be very glad if I had the courage to have this operation at the Bilić Vision Polyclinic before. "

Take a look at the journey from arrival to the examination to the experience after the operation at the Bilić Vision Polyclinic:

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