TESTED – 5 myths about laser eye surgery

Although laser eye surgery is one of the most sophisticated medical procedures and has been performed for more than 25 years, still some myths about this surgery are ongoing. After having conversations with our patients who have had the surgery at Bilić Vision, we convey to you what their biggest doubts and fears were when deciding on such a procedure.

MYTH # 1 What if I get blind or laser burns my eye?

Believe it or not, a substantial part of the patients are afraid that they can be blinded by the effects of the laser, or that the laser will burn their eyes. This is of course a myth. Each laser eye correction is individualized – determined for each eye individually. Each laser pulse is fully controlled from its point of origin to the contact with the cornea. The laser does not penetrate the inside of the eye and cannot cause any damage. Since this type of surgery was first been performed, no persistent complications have been reported even 20 years later.

MYTH # 2 Laser cannot remove astigmatism.

One of the most widespread myths is that astigmatism cannot be removed with a laser. Indeed, the laser is the most accurate and only lasting solution for removing astigmatism. If it is a high astigmatism, it is possible to have a lower recovery of the diopter which can be taken care of by additional correction.

MYTH # 3 The surgery is painful

The operation is performed under local anesthesia so that the patient, although awake, does not feel any pain. For example, the operation of inserting any implants is riskier than the laser removal of the diopter. Also, in the case of eye movement outside the laser working zone, the laser automatically turns off. Therefore, the patient does not have to worry about the possible movement of the eye during surgery, as this cannot disturb or jeopardize the course of the procedure.

MYTH # 4 The late effects of the procedure are not known

People are often afraid that they will have negative consequences later in life. However, almost among all patients there is only transient dryness of the eye and lasts for several months with a tendency of weakening the symptoms as time passes. There is a slight feeling of sand in the eyes, and the feeling is relieved by regularly applying teardrops (6-8 times a day). Complications are possible in about 1% of cases, and it is important to note that they are all transient and solvable. Late changes or consequences on the cornea do not exist because we have had the experience of using this method and its side effects for over 20 years.

MYTH # 5 I cannot see any better after surgery than I see now with the lenses.

Contoura Vision, the revolutionary, and the most accurate personalized diagnostics that takes place before the laser removal of the diopter, allows you to see better than with glasses and contact lenses after the laser removal of the diopter. Contoura Vision is different from other diagnostics because it measures absolutely all irregularities in the cornea (aberrations and higher and lower order). The measurements are connected to a laser that can then be used to eliminate nearsightedness, distant vision, and astigmatism at the age of 20 to 50. It is important to note that, apart from the diopter, Contoura also enables the removal of glares as well as nighttime driving problems.

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